Friday, September 09, 2005


Francesca and I are sitting outside in the yard, setting up my blog in preparation for a trip to Paris at the end of the month. I'm taking a chance, following Freya Stark's notion that, to avoid turning corners in life, is not to live life at all. So, I'm off to turn a corner in life--Paris for the month of October, to cook with my Paris cooking teacher, to whom I will refer as La Chef. I'm not sure what I'll find round my corner, but I'm ready to find out!


fresca said...

Welcome, Sister!
I can't wait to read all about your adventures "'round the corner." I am bookmarking you RIGHT NOW.

fresca said...

Gosh---this morning (1-30-09) I was scrolling back through your blog to see why I thought you've become a better photographer
and I got all the way to HERE---the beginning, three and a half years ago!
I remember sitting with you and the computer in Bink's back yard and starting this blog with you.
And you've done such great things with it.

As for your photography, I see more confidence in your recent photos, bringing together beauty and information, having a better feel for the right distance of camera to object--close up or not--and with lots of care given to the props and setting--(the orange biscotti post is a bit of perfection--you even have set oranges on the toaster I see! to give color to the dun-colored dough-making stage).

But your stuff is great all along, of course, it's just that I see a surer hand, a tweak of the eye, in 2009.

I think I've said before? You could go back into these earlier posts and add photos--a blog like this is timeless, so people will occasionally scroll back for recipes and travel pix, etc.
On the other hand--keep moving on!!!
I'm glad you started to round the corner in Sept. 2005.