Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Crossing the Piney

I crossed the River Styx today,
Its current hard and swift.
In swallows' dip and swoop,
In vultures' circle dance,
I let her go at last.

Sparkle sun and light-blast lustre
below the limestone bluff;
All green and smooth
the water there,
While down below
In rippling current's flow
The petals loosed, the ashes too,
I gave her back at last.

On memory's tide
In fading golden hues
I crossed the River back again.
The water cold
Its promise sure
To take her home at last.

--for my mother (above)


Felicity said...

So moving! You should be in the LH poetry book, not me! How heart tugging to really let her go.

PaulD said...

Picture and poem together,
what a beautiful tribute.
Without doubt, your mother
would be proud, pleased and
satisfied. Now, she'll rest
easy; you'll live easily.