Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fashion in Paris (Part 2)

KIDS (BOYS): U.S. baseball caps, often worn backwards; scarves; all colors, except black

KIDS (GIRLS): hats, hats, hats; dresses and jumpers; appliqued flowers on dresses and coats; striped tights; scarves; all colors, except black

MEN: Puma tennis shoes, mostly in neutral colors

WOMEN: zouave pants (casual pants that puff down toward the ankles); sweater coats to the knees, usually in neutral colors such as white, beige, and black; loosely crocheted ponchos, often in wild monochromatic colors; poofy taffeta (rather than satin) jackets and matching layered, poofy skirts (usually in monochromatic tones); Puma tennis shoes in neutral colors as well as red or pink; suede boots to the knees, often with a fold-over flap at the knees; pashmina shawls over evening wear, wrapped loosely in front and thrown over one shoulder for panache

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