Friday, October 21, 2005

(Fashion in Paris)

MEN: jeans or a black suit; scarves; leather, tie dress shoes; short hair, carefully trimmed facial hair, no sideburns of any kind; piercings (facial, tongue, ears); black, black, and more black.

WOMEN: layered skirts (cotton, wool, or rayon) on the bias, often with matching layer of voile exposed about 4 inches at the bottom; satin skirts and matching jackets, as puffy as possible; flared 3/4-length skirts; mini skirts; scarves; sparkling appliqued sequins on jackets and tops; lime green anything paired with reds or purples; tight flared jeans; hip huggers with wide black belts; converse tennis shoes of any color; fringed head scarves for black (African) women; ballet slipper-style shoes; black leather boots in general; cowboy boots specifically, black, low-heeled and extremely pointy toes (I bought a pair for myself in shoe-town heaven); plastic glasses with monochromatic colored frames (red and green are popular); long hair, pulled up in a bun or hanging loosely; leather backpacks slung over one or both shoulders; piercings (facial, tongue, ears, though more common on men); black, black, and more black.

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Catherine said...

Oooh, I ate this up with a spoon. Merci, D.!