Monday, February 25, 2008


We watched the lunar eclipse from a neighborhood street in Mazatlan, where we had come for dinner at the invitation of the Mazatlan in-laws of one of SJG's colleagues. They sat us like royalty at a long table on their front patio and served us homemade gorditas and quesadillas, stuffed with grilled beef. Only after we'd finished our meal did the family sit down to eat.

The next morning, I awoke at 6 o'clock--unusually early for me--and walked out onto the hotel patio facing the sea. To the south, the full moon was setting in a sky blushing pink from the rays of the rising sun. Pelicans skimmed the crests of the waves as they crashed onto the beach, and a lone fisherman cast his net into the waters from a rocky point under the moon.

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