Friday, February 01, 2008


I rated my blog through the following link:

It's like rating a movie to see what the target audience might be. My blog rating came back as "G: General Audiences All Ages Admitted" with the delightful commentary that "no bad words were found." Whew, what a relief.

I don't quite believe that the rating is particularly valid, however, because my sister's blog came back with an NC-17 rating (No One 17 and under Admitted) based on the usage of the following "bad words," some of which occur on my blog too:

death (27x) dead (10x) pain (9x)
fuck (8x) fucks (3x) dyke (7x)
suicide (4x) breast (1x)

I haven't quite decided if I should up the quotient of "bad words" on my blog or not (I probably already have by listing the above "bad words"). Which is a more desirable audience, the general family crowd or those naughty adults?

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