Friday, May 02, 2008


I love accidental learning, the way you discover things by stumbling across them on your way to something else or by falling upon them by doing another task the "wrong" way or by coming at them from an unanticipated angle. That's how I learned to make movies on my digital camera. I hit the "wrong" setting on my camera one afternoon as I was taking what I thought would be a still photo of SJG eating our very first home-grown brandywine tomato. When we looked at the photo, it moved! it spoke! it said, "Mmmmm, this tomato is sooooooo good!" And from there, I started intentionally creating short movies of friends and family, one of which is a very recent clip of our diva kitty, Muffin.
Muff is our very first. SJG chose her because she was the only kitten available for adoption at our local humane society the day we showed up. She was tiny, and very young. She's eight now, but we still say to her "Five weeks, one pound, make sure she eats" when we remember, in a rush of feeling, our first days together. In this clip, you can see what she thinks of technology in general, and being its subject in particular. Here's looking at you, Muff!


fresca said...
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barrett said...

This is a cat lovers video. . .now I've watched it twice and still can't help laughing at the 'hissing cat' which is fascinatingly hysterical. And little 'squeak' is darling. Also, the one (I can't remember her name) who was quite uncooperative, in true catlike nature, and kept turning around in rather a pout..I called her the little bandit because of the remarkable colouring of her face...that black eye mask....

This encourages me to turn and twist all the unknown dials and buttons on my digital camera and, pointing it at Henry and Carrington, just start clicking and hoping!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful little, where is Buddy?

ddip said...

Before I do Buddy, I want to capture the cats eating catnip. Cat lovers will know how amusing that is, not just for the cats' funny behavior after ingestion but for the way their tongues don't quite know what to do with the catnip, which seems to prickle the tongue flesh.

Yes, point and shoot--it's that easy. I'll be watching Barrett's blog for her first video!