Friday, May 23, 2008


The editor, Kari Cornell, of The Gardener's Bedside Reader in which my "Ashes to Ashes" essay was recently published, will be the guest on HearSay with Cathy Lewis, a live public radio call-in show out of Virginia on June 11! For live-stream listening that day (at WHRV at 11 am CST), click on the radio's website. Or to access the interview after the fact, you can go to the station's archives. I'll post a reminder again in June. Maybe my name will be mentioned on live radio...!


fresca said...
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ddip said...

Actually, I have read it aloud already--for a small group of friends in Chicago last month. It was amazing. You could hear a pin drop as I read the essay, and afterwards, they all wanted my autograph in their copies of the book!

PaulD said...

Still, to date, yours is the only one I've read in the book, and would be all I would need. Apart from your story -compelling enough-your talent continues to amaze and satisfy me. As I get the garden in order here, I look forward to being UpNorth (where Anna has insisted the book be) where I will read the rest of it through the Summer seeing how others might stack up against your measure. The radio program is on my calendar and I will listen. but I won't talk with you about the book until we can do so UpNorth.

ddip said...

I see the logic of keeping the gardening book in such a beautiful spot that has so much meaning for both of you. I look forward to visiting soon!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a copy that could be passed on to me via Fresca? I would like to read it?

Enjoy your blog. It was gratifying to read that even superb cooks every once in a while have failures. (I just had one: a swiss steak, haven't done one since 1970, a total disaster, meat too tough, sauce yucky, potatoes mushy...all given to the garbage disposal with my compliments!)

(PS: yes, the photo is of me, taken in Florence, Italy in the late seventies.)

ddip said...

Fresca has a copy of the book, and I bet she'd share it with you.
I'm tempted to create a mini-series within my own blog of cooking disasters--there are plenty!

Love the Florence photo; it's almost wistful.